Northampton Area Triples Bowls League


                             League Rules 2021

  Northampton Area Triples Bowls League.

Rules 2022

Clubs must be affiliated to Bowls Northamptonshire to play in this league.         


(a) Declared a Completed Match     

A game can be declared a completed match after a minimum of 10 ends having been played on each rink.

All subsequent completed ends after the minimum 10 ends should be counted in the final score.

(b) Game Postponed or Suspended.

In the event of prolonged bad weather a game may be postponed prior to the commencement of the game.                          

In the event of a green becoming unplayable after the commencement of a game but before the minimum 10 ends has been played, the home captain will have the option of suspending the game. In this situation the captains will rearrange to play the match as soon as possible but in any event before the end of the triples season. The re-arranged game will commence at the end following the end at which the game was suspended.

(c) Arrangement of postponed or suspended games  

If a game is postponed for any other reason, the game should be rearranged within 14 days to an agreeable date to both parties.The league secretary to be advised of the date agreed.

In any event the postponed game MUST be played by the 12th game of the season. If the game is not played by the 12th week then the team that is the injured party will be awarded 6 points.   

2.  Play dates. All league games will be played on Monday evenings excepting for serious inclement weather when     rule 1b will be implemented.

3. Greens. Greens should be classified ?C? grade or higher by the county greens committee.

4. Format. 3 Rinks of triples.16 ends or 14 ends after 31st August. 6.30 pm start. No trial ends.

Maximum of 3 teams per club.

5. Dress. Dress: - Greys, white above the waist. Coloured shirts only allowed if worn by all players, and registered with BowlsEngland.

6. Lateness. 15 minutes grace will be given to teams or team members arriving late. If a team is short after 15 minutes, rule 7 will take effect.

7. Players short. In the event of a team being 1 player short, the game will proceed with the defaulting team playing one set of two players (6 woods) against the opposition?s three players ( 9 woods). The defaulting lead will change ends when the oppositions lead and number 2 have played their bowls. The defaulting lead can direct his skip in the absences of the number 2.

In the event of a team being more than 1 player short the game will proceed with 2 sets of triples on each team and the defaulting team will award 1 point plus 10 shots to their opposition.

8. Substitutes. Should a player have to retire during a match due to illness or injury, a substitute may be brought into the team on condition (1) that he is not already a member of another team and (2) he does not play skip. If no players are available, continue the game as set out in rule 7.            

9. Dead Ends. Dead Ends will be re-played in the normal manner.

10. Fixture not played.  A club arriving with less than 6 players will be claimed to be in default and the match will not be played the defaulting team will forfeit 5 points plus 10 shots.

Any club deemed by the Officers at the end of the season to have wilfully not completed their fixture list will be deducted 10 points at the end of the season.

11. Scoring. Scoring:-2 points for highest number of shots scored 1 point for a tie. 1 point for each winning rink, half point for each tied rink. Maximum 5 points.

12. Green Fees. Green fee, if any, to be paid by the home club.

13. Visiting the Head. Leads and middle men must not follow their bowls to the head until they and their opposite number have bowled all three woods in the normal process of changing ends.Skips who have both played two bowls in that end may visit the head but return to the mat before their opponents delivers his final bowl.

14. League Fees. Entrance fees per team to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

15. Selection of rinks and jack possession. Selection of the playing rinks for each game to be drawn by both captains prior to the game.

Captains toss for jack and can give the option away should he chose to do so.

16. Membership.  All players must be fully paid up members of the affiliated club they represent.

17. Promotion/Relegation. At the end of each season the top two teams in Div 2, 3, 4 & 5, will be promoted for the following season, and the bottom two teams in Div 1, 2, 3 & 4 will be relegated for the following season. In the event of a team retiring from the league the committee will decide promotion and relegation accordingly.

18. Trophies? Trophies will be awarded to the winning teams of each division.

19. Players. Players may play for only one team during the season.

20. Results. Results to be telephoned or e-mailed to either Secretary within 24 hours by both team Captains. Score cards to be signed by each Skip and retained for the duration of the season.

No telephone calls after 10.00pm. or before 8.30am. Thank you.

21. Disputes not covered. Any disputes not covered in these rules Captains must amicably settle.

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