Northampton Area Triples Bowls League


Northampton Area Triples League Knock Out
Rules. (2022)

Any teams that play in the Northampton Area Triples League are entitled to enter this tournament and generally speaking the same rules apply to this tournament as they do to the league excepting for the following exceptions.
Game Format.
3 Rinks of gentlemen triples.
Dress Greys with white shirt and optional club tie or club shirt.
Straight off start.
16 ends played.
Play two?s up.
Dead ends played as normal.
Clubs with two   teams in divisions 1,2,3 &4  should not allow a player who usually plays in
 team "A" to play in team "B" and visa versa.                                                                                           

Div.5 team players can play for any  of there club teams In 2022  season only.
Tied Game
Prior to the commencement of the game the captains will select one rink to play one extra end in the event of the game being drawn. This extra end would be played on a rink neutral to both sets of triples.
The captains will toss for jack possession of the extra end.
Game Result.
The team with the highest number of shots will be declared the winner and go through to the next round. Results must be e-mailed or phoned through to either secretary within 24 hours of the game finishing.
Play Dates.

The first round will be played on a set date and the subsequent rounds are played on play by dates. It will be the responsibility of the home team to contact their opposition and offer 2/3 dates including the ?play by? date on which to play any round (other than the final) after the first round.

Should a team/s not be able to arrange a date before the next round is due to be played then the captains must contact the league committee and a ruling will be given. 

15 minutes grace will be given to teams or members arriving late.
After 15 minutes depending on the situation the following rule
will take effect. 
Players short
In the event of a team being 1 player short, the game will proceed
with the defaulting team playing one set of two players (6 woods)
against the opposition?s three players ( 9 woods).
The defaulting lead will change ends when the oppositions lead
and number 2 have played their bowls. The defaulting lead can
direct his skip in the absences of the number 2.
 In the event of a team being more than 1 player short the game
will proceed with 2 sets of triples on each team and the defaulting
team will award 10 shots to their opposition.
 Following Bowls.
No player except a skip who has played two bowls in that end may follow
his bowl to, or visit, the head except in the normal course of changing ends.
Should a player have to retire during a match due to illness or
injury, a substitute may be brought into the team on condition
(1) that he is not already a member of another team and
(2) he does not play skip. If no players are available,
continue the game as set out in rule 6. 
The Final will be played on a neutral green and presentation of trophies will take place after the game has been played.